Mark Saunders Luxury Homes ~ What’s happening in the Kitchen?

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While so called “smart” technology is moving into the kitchen, a beautiful and functional kitchen does not have to be high-tech, oversized or expensive. Mark Saunders Luxury Homes understands that most often the kitchen is the center of activity within the home, so it is important that appliances are straightforward enough for all family members and guests to easily operate.

Kitchens for Baby Boomers should be designed with mobility and easy accessibility in mind. It’s important to select the correct working height for counters, consider a raised dishwasher and oven, create easy to reach storage such as extra deep pullout drawers, and consider the use of under-counter refrigerated drawers.

Mark Saunders Luxury Homes also understands decorating trends are relatively simple and clean, they are shifting away from single color and texture to a coordinated mix. Mixing materials is a creative way to create interest without blowing the budget. Backsplashes are often multidimensional; perhaps textured tile, either single color or a blend of similar ones. Cabinetry is trending to painted finishes with lighter color for the wall cabinets, matched with an accent, darker color for the island or peninsular. Matte finishes for the cabinetry, countertops and even now appliances, seem to be the coming style.

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