Mark Saunders: A Top-Notch Real Estate Developer

As made evident through the success of his thriving business, The Coastal Companies, Mark Saunders is unequivocally an experienced and passionate CEO. His acumen for business management is complemented by his vision and expertise when it comes to designing and building homes. This is where Mark Saunders the developer makes his mark.

Before becoming Mark Saunders the developer, Mark was a grade and high school student in Richmond, Va., dreaming of one-day designing and constructing beautiful homes and buildings. He chose to follow his dreams after high school by attending Virginia Tech, where he studied architecture and business management.

After college, while working for the world’s largest textile manufacturer, Burlington Industries, Mark had the pleasure of visiting Brunswick County for the first time. It was then that he realized just how beautiful southeastern North Carolina is and the business potential it had. Mark’s passion for designing and building homes was ignited and he started on his path toward building The Coastal Companies.

Working alongside his construction crew during the day, Mark would design homes and manage the business side of his growing company at night. Years of hard work and dedication helped build the foundation for Mark Saunders the developer and the success of the many entities that, today, comprise The Coastal Companies.

Mark Saunders Luxury Homes was the initial building block for all The Coastal Companies entities. The approach of Mark Saunders Luxury Homes is to design and build five-sided architecture, which ensures unmatched detail and creativity on all sides of a home, including the roof. Mark Saunders the developer believes in and values Mark Saunders Luxury Homes commitment to thoughtfully and tastefully design of every side and every angle of every home, resulting in a personal, individualized residence that is truly beautiful from every perspective.

The longevity of Mark Saunders Luxury Homes distinguishes it from virtually all southeastern North Carolina builders. The company has been building and servicing homes that it has built for decades. Homeowners feel a comfortable peace of mind while living in a Mark Saunders Luxury home.

As a major land and community developer in the area, many communities are positioned on beautiful golf courses, pristine rivers, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and barrier islands. That’s why Mark and the dedicated staff of professionals at Mark Saunders Luxury Homes, Ocean Ridge Plantation, Coastal Development & Realty, Big Cats Golf and Coastal Vacations Resorts, recognize that it is a great responsibility to be a steward of the character and beauty of southeastern North Carolina real estate.